We have over 30 years experience in manufacturing copper based ingots having produced ingots initially at our Revesby site and now at our Kirrawee facility.

Ingot Foundry

Clingcast manufacturers Copper base ingots to Australian, British and International Standards in our Sydney based ingot foundry. If you require a specific analysis for your particular business requirements we can manufacture this alloy for you.

We manufacture our ingots using energy-efficient induction melting, with specialised linings and crucibles. We are passionate recyclers and our ingots are produced using recycled materials, and only use new alloys to fine tune the melt after the analysis to ensure the alloy meets the required specification.

Our in-house laboratory analyses every melt using the Belec 3000S spectrograph by our metallurgists to ensure quality and conformity to the relevant specifications. NATA certification can be supplied if required.

We stock the most commonly used ingots as well as stocking and supplying primary Aluminium ingot. We also stock and supply Zinc, Tin, Phos Copper, Manganese and Silicon. We can also supply other alloying additions and secondary aluminium ingot if required. We supply ingots Australia wide and export to New Zealand and Asia.


Ingots produced in our ingot foundry include:

  • Copper alloy ingots

casting standards for ingots
Casting Standards for Ingots


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